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Vessel hatch and hold inspection / Water tightness

 Buyers or sellers can request for hold and hatch inspection before loading. This inspection can guarantee that the cargo will not be contaminated by the material already in the hold, or affected by the defect of vessel. Nominated inspectors collect all the photographs, documents and reports during inspection they perform. We provide certificate of inspection after inspection is finished.

Hold Inspections

 Inspector checks the hold’s condition before loading. Our inspectors carry out hold inspections like below.

  • Check that the hold is free of rust or paint
  • Check if there is sign of moisture or water damage in the hold or the inside the vessel.
  • Ensure that the hold is free of previous cargo remnants
  • Pay attention to cargoes that may cause problem due to quarantine requirements
  • Check ship’s log to verify whether there were harmful materials among previous cargoes.

Hatch Inspections

  • Improper ship’s hatch cover seals and securing arrangements may cause cargo defects. In order to protect any kinds of cargo defect for these reasons, our inspectors carry out hatch inspection like below.
  • Visually check hatch covers for water tightness and proper operation.
  • Pay attention to damage, holes and leak points of the vessel that may affect the quality of the cargo
  • Inspector can perform chalk, hose tests for Hatch inspection.