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Government program - Togo

Cotecna was awarded a pre-shipment inspection (PSI) contract by the government of Togo in 1995. 

In 2003, Cotecna was commissioned in provide, finance and operate a mobile scanner over a 7 year period.  We have also deployed a computerized risk management system (CRMS®), capacity building, valuation and classification services.

In March 2006, pre-shipment inspection transited to full destination inspection (DI).

In October 2009 following to an addendum, the mobile scanner was replaced by a new generation GANTRY.

In November 2010 the Government of Republic of Togo signed an addendum with Cotecna for the implementation of advanced e-tracking technology in Togo named Cotrack®. This service consists of the monitoring of containers and vehicles from the port of Lomé to the borders of the country.

The actual scope of services is destination inspection, valuation and classification of goods, CRMS® and scanning process.

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