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Verification of Conformity (VoC)

What we do

Verification of Conformity (or Conformity Assessment) programmes are compulsory mechanisms imposed by Governments. VOC involves checking goods before they are shipped in order to ensure that they meet required quality and safety standards of the importing country.
Thanks to our network of offices, our inspectors and our accreditations, Cotecna performs a combination of physical inspection, collection of samples for laboratory testing, and documentary checks. If conformity is established, Cotecna issues Certificates of Conformity recognized in the country of import. The cerificate prevents the shipment from being rejected and allows importers to clear their goods efficiently.
Building on its leading position in pre-shipment inspection and risk management, Cotecna has extended its expertise into products conformity, testing, auditing and conformity assessment.

The benefits

Protection of consumers – through assurance that products meet agreed standards for health and safety
Detection of fraudulent, counterfeit or substandard goods
Faster Customs clearance – for goods that have been certified
Easier comparison between local and imported goods, thanks to the application of objective criteria, along the WCO trade facilitation rules, therefore protects the local market from unfair competition 
A transparent process for issuing Certificates of Conformity, known to the trade community
Cotecna will manage all your laboratory tests


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