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Product Certification


COTECNA offers its clients a product conformity certification service leading to the issue of a sample, batch, annual or product seal conformity certificate. This is done by means of verification audits of raw and input materials and/or finished products according to the specifications of a Colombian technical standard (NTC), military technical standard (NTMD), technical regulation or technical specifications.


Cotecna provides exporters with a tool to compete in international markets via a product conformity certification which will help strengthen the reputation of your company among your clients and their trust in its products, plus offer greater participation in new markets, added value for your product and an excellent commercial benefit for your company.


Governments: Ensures that products meet the relevant mandatory requirements, e.g. health, safety, and environment.

Manufacturer/Exporters: Shows that the required technical features, both voluntary and mandatory, have been achieved.

Consumer: Identifies products which have been monitored and meet the standards.

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