Cotecna launches image analysis center in Congo

  • 1/31/2019

As part of our partnership with the customs authorities of the Republic of Congo, which was introduced over 12 years ago, we are pleased to announce the inauguration of a image analysis center.

The center will enable customs officials to have a modern working framework adapted to an environment requiring precision and speed.

Funded and equipped by Cotecna, it will be able to accommodate image analysts in a larger environment with modern equipment, including the operating and monitoring software called Coview. The agents will be able to work more efficiently and objectively without the risk of additional pressure. This new setup will enable customs to generate the income to meet the expectations of the Government of the Republic of Congo.

2019 will also be marked by the launch of additional scanners in Congo, including at Pointe-Noire and Brazzaville airports. The training programme will be intensified to enable customs officials to take full ownership of the technological tools put at their disposal.

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