Government Programmes

Cotecna is a world leader in providing solutions that allow governments to facilitate and secure legitimate international trade, fight fraud, enhance national security and increase their revenues.

All governments are looking for ways to boost their socio-economic development, while addressing key challenges.

To assist them, we have designed a range of unique and sustainable solutions. We tailor our services to make them truly bespoke.

We have nurtured a spirit of innovation. It has led us to forge strong partnerships throughout the world and establish a leading influence in the public sector worldwide.

Our aim is not only to meet our clients’ requirements but also to bring added-value to end-users and consumers.

  • Indonesia IVP (Import Verification Programme)
  • Philippines B&BB (Bulk & Break-Bulk) programme
  • Cuba programme
  • Pre-Shipment Inspection and Destination Inspection for several countries

Key Benefits

Cotecna’s services to its government customers ensure that import tax revenue is based on the fair value of goods and that prohibited, restricted or controlled imports are more readily detected.

We also facilitate legitimate trade across borders through the introduction of new technologies and efficient processes, reducing lengthy and costly delays in import and clearance operations.

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